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Anne-Maree McInerney (formerly Huxley) is a modern-day alchemist drawing on a diverse background in business, marketing & PR, media, international events, sustainability and the NFP sector to inspire a new generation of leaders and change agents.

Anne-Maree inspires change and gives hope, seeding innovation and systems change – transforming our world by addressing some of the greatest economic, environmental and social challenges of our time.

Anne-Maree is one of the few external consultants in Australia that we trust to present our LOHAS research in open forums. She is a knowledgeable and engaging speaker who can cut through with clear messages that are relevant to business audiences.Nick Bez Research Director, Mobium Group, VIC
She helps individuals and organisations get the clarity, confidence and the courage to tackle the challenges, build resilience and THRIVE.’

Anne-Maree has been recognised for three years running as one of the Top 100 Global SustainAbility Leaders by ABC Carbon in Singapore, is one of Al Gore’s Climate Leaders, one of less than 50 certified Blue Economy experts worldwide and in 2016 received a Pride of Australia Environmental Medal for services to the Environment. She’s also been inducted into the Hall of Fame for Services to the Sponsorship Industry by Sponsorship Australasia.

In 2005, she hosted Australia’s inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility Summit, the first event of its kind in the Asia Pacific Region that gave individuals, business, government and community organisations insight into a new, more efficient and effective way of operating; and a roadmap to a more sustainable future.

I have known Anne-Maree for many years and can attest to her deep knowledge of how concepts of sustainability can be put into practice for the benefit of public and private enterprises. Anne-Maree is a passionate, articulate and compelling speaker.Andrew Beatty, Partner, Baker and McKenzie, Sydney
Anne-Maree subsequently founded and is CEO of Models of Success and Sustainability (affectionately known as MOSS) – an Australian based industry body for Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability that provides education, training, networking, tools and advice to drive sustainability and competitive business success.

She was also a founding Director of the Carbon Trade Exchange – the world’s first end to end electronic platform for trading voluntary and regulated carbon credits; and Co-developer of the Global Principles of “How to Communicate Sustainability”.

In the last 10 years, Anne-Maree has developed and delivered over 100 programs, spoken at some 200+ events around the world to more than 30,000 representatives of business, government and community organisations. Her work has ultimately touched many lives – and made a difference to thousands of individuals and added millions to the bottom line of many organisations.

Anne-Maree shares the latest trends and innovation that are both disrupting and transforming our world enabling: zero waste; enhanced food security and water efficiency; energy independence; stakeholder engagement; artificial intelligence, traceability and transparency in supply chains; and sustainable productivity and growth. She also shares stories of vulnerability and how through connection with animals and nature, that we can transform lives.

Whether you are pressured to create value through innovation, or seek to revitalize the economy in your region in a truly sustainable manner, Anne-Maree is definitely the person to go-to. I highly recommend her as a mentor, coach, speaker or consultant. They don’t come much better.Numa ROCH, Managing Director ARNO COACHING, Paris (France)
She also delivers new innovative training programs around the Blue and Circular Economy – innovation that’s expected to deliver 100 million new jobs in 10 years. This training along with tools and advocacy can assist business, government and community work collaboratively to achieve zero waste and carbon neutrality – as well community “sustainable development goals”.

Anne-Maree is a very powerful speaker, futurist, strategist and facilitator that helps guide and inspire a more sustainable way of life.

She has hosted numerous business delegations to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and represented Australia at various international sustainability forums. She has also developed, facilitated and led many national programs such as Innovating for Green Growth and the International Green Awards Asia Pacific Sustainability Summits.

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