Genevieve Williams

Project Manager

Genevieve Williams

With more than a decade of project management under her belt, Genevieve has the high-level, razor-sharp organising skills that are priceless gems in the events industry.

Genevieve studied Applied Science (Economic Geography), winning a prestigious university medal and Class 1 Honours for her thesis. This laid the foundation for a stellar career in project management and environmental planning.

It’s no mean feat to manage the multiple pressures, priorities and processes involved in the property development industry. Genevieve handled all this and more with confidence. Her focus on detailed analysis, community consultation, and lateral thinking enabled her to develop ideas and communicate them effectively.

Genevieve doesn’t miss a trick, which positions her perfectly as our project manager extraordinaire. She takes care of all the crucial details behind the scenes, from contracts and invoicing to ensuring your talent has absolutely everything they need to make your event the best it can be.

You can be 100% confident of seamless communication and smooth sailing all the way with Genevieve on the case.