Gav George

Marketing Director

Gav George

When his high school music teacher loaned him a cassette tape (yes, he’s that old) of a jazz-fusion band, Gav was instantly enticed into jazz after years of classical music training.

Invited to study both classical and jazz courses at the ANU, he chose jazz, completed his studies and promptly began an international career as a professional jazz saxophonist.

During this time he was lucky enough to perform and train with some of the greatest living jazz musicians in New York, and toured across Asia and Australia performing at key festivals.

Enhance founder Alison Clarke called on Gav to work on the company’s marketing. This led him to his new passion of… marketing! He oversees Enhance’s diverse marketing programs, provides business analysis, gets a kick out of connecting with clients and unearthing new talent.

Gav still has that cassette tape, so if his music teacher reads this, please get in touch so he can return it.