The Environment

As we go about our business, we make an impact on the environment around us. We want to make sure we’re protecting our environment and make our mark a positive one.

We’re measuring our footprint and finding ways to reduce or reuse wherever we can. We run our environmental goals through an Environmental Management System (EMS), which we are always striving to improve.

For example, we source our power from providers that support renewable energy and buy energy-saving office equipment. We always ensure electronic devices are switched off when not in use, and recycle our electronics, paper and plastics.

We use energy-efficient lighting, and use powered heating and cooling as little as possible. We conserve water by minimising our usage. We use recycled paper. All our non-sensitive documents have a double-life before being recycled.

Our employees walk or cycle where possible, or use public transport or car sharing to and from work.

We want to make sure we’re protecting and creating a more sustainable output than we’re using.