Case Study: ID Events

Trust, Transparency & Excellence Key to Successful DMC Partnership

ID Events Australia is a creative production and incentive destination management company offering total conferencing and events services.

Even though Australia is a drawcard destination in itself, it’s no mean feat to impress the most jaded high flyer for 5-6 days straight with entertainment, decor and venues.

Karen Livermore, Director of Sales & Marketing at ID Events Australia says “I cannot tell you how many times clients say to us, ‘We have to do something really wow!’

“Entertainment needs to be out of the box, never been done before,” she adds.

Australia is a hot destination for top-tier US and European inbound companies rewarding their highest achievers. As a leading Australian incentive destination management company (DMC), ID Events Australia has an impressive share of mega-budget clients with sky-high expectations seeking the very best of Down Under. Karen says this achievement is underpinned by strategic partnerships with premium event services providers.

I cannot tell you how many times clients say to us, ‘We have to do something really wow!’

Big Incentives

Multinationals from industries including automotive, technology, insurance and manufacturing call on ID Events to oversee their big reward trips. Attendees are typically very high earners who have travelled a lot and ‘seen it all,’ putting enormous pressure on event managers to continually generate brilliant solutions.

Great Expectations

The pressure is high, yet ID Events is uncompromising when it comes to delivering knockout results. Acknowledging the importance of relationships with suppliers, not just with clients, is a primary factor that enables ID to keep on delivering, and has kept them at the top of their game since 1973. The partnership they enjoy with leading talent bureau, Enhance Entertainment, is a perfect case in point.

Bring in the Experts

Outsourcing is common practice in the events industry; it simply makes good business sense to hire experts for niche services. Entertainment is one such specialty, because getting it wrong may cause an otherwise great production to fall flat.

Sourcing and managing talent is the daily bread of Australia-based Enhance Entertainment. It means staying abreast of current speakers, performers and MCs, constantly looking out for new acts, and carefully matching talent to audience.

ID Events Australia with Enhance Entertainment

The unique industry insight they generously share with ID Events means that inbound incentive destination clients ultimately get to choose the the high-end, novel entertainment concepts they desire.

“I rely a lot on the team at Enhance to give me options I can pass on to the client. It’s all about trust,” enthuses Karen.

I rely a lot on the team at Enhance to give me options I can pass on to the client. It’s all about trust.

Relationship Strategy

ID Events has developed an informal yet rigorous policy for partnering with suppliers. It covers expertise, shared values, communication style, internal processes and, of course, the ability to deliver results, before settling into a long and loyal relationship such as the one they enjoy with Enhance Entertainment.

“From the client-facing perspective, they don’t see suppliers. They see us,” Karen says.

“Our business is very relationship-driven. We need transparency, trust and speed of response from suppliers. Because it’s our job to make all the moving parts work together seamlessly, when in fact, nothing’s seamless.”

Although the client may not physically see it, Enhance is behind the scenes conducting the entire sourcing, booking and briefing process. This includes calling contacts to see who is available, assessing match to audience, summarising profiles for client review, briefing talent and, for larger events, managing talent on the night.

From the client-facing perspective, they don’t see suppliers. They see us.

Shared Values

ID Events always looks to partner with companies sharing similar service-based values of trust, transparency and excellence.

Karen says, “If a supplier has the same ethical standpoint, we know we’ll gel with them.”

Enhance Entertainment’s service philosophy is a great match for ID Events. Always willing to to go the extra mile, Enhance has stepped in to assist ID with large pitches, giving their recommendations for entertainment options. Enhance consultants regularly attend ID’s larger, multi-performer events, freeing up the internal team for other critical tasks.

If a supplier has the same ethical standpoint, we know we’ll gel with them.

Good Communication

Prompt communication is important for ID Events, given their international, multi-time zone client base. It’s not uncommon for event managers to find at 9am Sydney time a whole day’s worth of work built up from overnight emails. Getting back to clients on the same day calls for suppliers working behind the scenes to be fast on their feet.

Fast, responsive communication has been a hallmark of Enhance’s partnership with ID, from phone messages always being passed on to quick email replies and rapid service delivery. It reflects high level efficiency in Enhance’s internal processes, and is consistent with ID Events’ own operational culture.

ID Events Australia with Enhance Entertainment

Smart Processes

Compatible values and communication styles are signatures of a healthy day-to-day working relationship. For ID Events, this has manifested as seamless interaction with Enhance Entertainment.

As Karen explains, clients will sometimes know exactly the type of entertainment they want, while at other times they are unsure. This is especially the case for international clients who are not familiar with Australian entertainment.

Enhance provides detailed profiles for ID’s clients to consider. While there often ensues a degree of back-and-forth three-way communications before the talent is booked, the process is flawless. Karen sums it up:

“It’s easy. It works. No drama. Enhance is good at what they do and we have full confidence in them.”

It’s easy. It works. No drama.

Stick with a Good Thing

Karen is adamant about the importance of preferred partnerships.

“Once we establish a relationship we tend to be very loyal to those suppliers and we’ve been very loyal to Enhance Entertainment. That’s because they deliver.”

Maintaining both client and supplier relationships has driven ID Events’ remarkable achievements over the last four decades. Given that the current market trend for outsourcing shows no sign of abating, ID Events will continue to rely on such stand-out suppliers as Enhance Entertainment to drive ongoing success.

We’ve been very loyal to Enhance Entertainment. That’s because they deliver.

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