Roving Performers

snow-queens-stilt-walkers Image
Like a giant fairytale, The Snow Queens are haughty, elegant and cold as ice. In pure white they make a stunning impact on every scene. Great for indoors, outdoors, Xmas, mid-winter carnivals and parades. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. The Snow Queens come with or without wings to best suit the venue. Also with added lights!

lisa-lottie-contor-hoopist Image

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Born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Lisa Lottie has performed in 29 countries, over a hundred cities, has trained at 'Escola National de Circo' Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and holds a degree in circus from The Circus Space, London UK. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. She effortlessly mingles contortionism and nu-school hoopism. Lisa can also separately perform contortion and aerial hoop, as well as her solo hula hoop acts for corporate events and cabaret/supper clubs.

the-seagulls Image
Totally surrealistic, with working beaks, they'll be rummaging in bags and pockets, stealing food from plates and picnic baskets, causing chaos as usual and squabbling amongst themselves. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. Shrieks of laughter follow them wherever they go. And now you can have a flock of four of them. This year they will have performed in Australia, Norway, The Netherlands, Ireland, England and Scotland.

malia-hula-fire-artist Image

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A sharp eye for costumes, a keen ear for music and a passion for high-energy choreography makes for a fantastic performance. Sheer commitment to the stage has seen Malia rise (literally) to dizzying heights as an Acrobat, Hula Hoop Artist and Fire Dancer. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. Her love of theatre and dance has created a performing style that is unique, captivating and highly skilled.

space-ballerinas Image
Pearly white dancers twirl like ballerinas. Tall and other-worldly the Space Ballerinas create a graceful dance amongst the crowds. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. The Space ballerinas are fantastic at corporate formal events, “white” parties, Christmas, mid-winter and wherever else takes your fancy.

musical-maidens Image
In huge gorgeous costumes the musical maidens float effortlessly above the crowd playing their unique, exotic blend of popular classical, carnival and jazz music. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. Reminiscent of a gentler age, they interact and charm the audience with their divine music, politely quirky conversation, not to mention the occasional can-can! From an outdoor festival to a formal dinner you will find this act a feast for the eyes and ears as they dazzle and delight audiences wherever they go.

dr-hubble-bubble-show Image

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Everyone loves bubbles but Dr Hubble really loves bubbles and he wants to show you why. Join Dr Hubble on a fun and funny journey into the beautiful world of bubbles. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. You will see: bubbles inside bubbles, a square bubble, the explode-a-bubble and the world famous kid-in-a-bubble.

crystal-stilts Image
Dressed in exquisite illuminated costumes, the Crystal Stilts will add an extra sparkle to your event! These highly visible mix and mingle characters will roam through the event space interacting with guests and can even assist with Champagne service, topping up guest's glasses from above. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. A unique and visually stunning act that enhances all kinds of classy event styling, the costumes are all-white with thousands of crystals dripping from the costume and an inbuilt light system that allows the Crystal Stilts to stand out beautifully in low-light event environments.

lady-sylvia Image
Become mesmerized by this amazingly beautiful act where innocence meets seduction and dances a spell of love. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. A white lady from the 1800s in masquerading style, Lady Sylvia is a living statue who interacts with the flow and the mood of the event. She gracefully dances around in flowing moves, or just stands in one spot, over three meters tall.

boat-of-faith Image
Take a dreamily absurd and comically surreal voyage in the Boat of Faith, with Mr Curly at the helm. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. Ask the direction finding duck for directions, get caught in Mr Curly’s net of possibilities or be embraced by an angel.