Roving Performers

flower-orbs Image
Surreal and minimalist performance, the Flower Orbs create striking and beautiful images against architecture, urban landscapes and enhance interiors. Using statue, tableau and dancing the Flower Orbs create scenes of oddity and elegance. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. They amuse and delight passers-by and as objects de art to be watched and admired. They bring focus at entrances for arrivals, gradually evolving their repertoire throughout their performance to interact and include others into their world.

champagne-girls Image
Crossing glamour and elegance with high art, our luscious performers reinvent the table. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. Make your next event adventurous with the unique and ingenious Champagne Girls. These one-of-a-kind interactive mobile-costumed performers are designed to appeal to all types of events from formal corporate functions, big events and launches to relaxed informal happenings and openings!

diamond-moon Image
This incredible diamond moon will have you and your guests traveling to the skies above and reaching for the stars. One of our beautiful costumed girls will lounge, pose, dance and bedazzle on this handcrafted masterpiece. She can blow bubbles, pour champagne or invite guests to sit by her side on this divine creation. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. This burlesque inspired glamour icon has a huge span of two metres tall and wide. The moon is brought to life as light dances off diamond motifs scattered over the moon’s curved face. It can also be accompanied by a fairy light curtain backdrop supplied by us. This beautiful arrangement will inevitably become the room’s centrepiece and the object of every guest’s attention.

gatsbys-great-fire-show Image
Heating up the dance floor, Gatsby's Great Fire Show is a spectacular fire act. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. Australia’s finest fire dancers bring Gatsby’s roaring twenties to every occasion. Gatsby’s Fire is exciting, upbeat and fun! Perfect for meet and greet entertainment, available from 2 to 4 fire-masters.

the-fops Image

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Full of the refineries of ornate 17th century France, The Fops are bent on the fun and frivolities of a bawdy soiree. These parading peacocks make your champagne and chandeliers complete. He bows with a flourish of his handkerchief, she glances mysteriously over her fan. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. Splendiferous in frills and high white wigs, they seduce their audience into an outrageous debate on the pros and cons of serviette etiquette. Refined and yet naughty. Enough suppressed sexuality to burn a hole in your napkin.

dynasty-drumline Image

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Want to start your event with a big bang? Then you need the Dynasty Drumline. They guarantee to move your audience with maximum impact. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. Dynasty believes in the power of music, bringing people together and enhancing the atmosphere whether roving or stationary. Therefore, they tailor their performances to your specific needs.
Luke Thatcher MM BA, Shaun Tarring BMus, James McCafferty BMus, Pete Neville BA Assoc Dip Jazz MA, Selina Fung BMus, Owen Mak, Anita Cook BMus, Damian Pigot BBus, Robbie Sandner BMus Hon, Murray Parker BMus

funky-love-squad Image
Let Funky Love Squad take you back to the beating heart of the disco era, when even the heels were high. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. If the Age of Aquarius was just a blur for you, let these booty-licious babes take you on a funky flashback. Gives any occasion added flare!

silver-suits-stilt-walkers Image
Half female, half serpent the Silver Suits are top-to-toe sequins. Like a slip of molten mercury they glitter like snakes, tall and slender. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. This spectacular stilt walker design has proved a favourite around the world.

roving-music Image
Let us create for you the atmosphere of a cabaret nightclub, right at your table, sometimes right on your laps! Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. Roving Music members are all skilled roving entertainers taking with us our musical instruments, our feathers and our fire, getting up close and personal, and then bursting into seemingly spontaneous choreographies to all your favourite tunes.

snow-queens-stilt-walkers Image
Like a giant fairytale, The Snow Queens are haughty, elegant and cold as ice. In pure white they make a stunning impact on every scene. Great for indoors, outdoors, Xmas, mid-winter carnivals and parades. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. The Snow Queens come with or without wings to best suit the venue. Also with added lights!