Roving Performers

dreamsphere Image
Experience a spectacular visual wow-factor with these unique underwater character performers! Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. Enclosed in their own giant bubble, Dreamsphere performers can slowly move through guests as they interact with them, or can be positioned on stage or dance floor for great visual effect & photo opportunities.

crystal-stilts Image
Dressed in exquisite illuminated costumes, the Crystal Stilts will add an extra sparkle to your event! These highly visible mix and mingle characters will roam through the event space interacting with guests and can even assist with Champagne service, topping up guest's glasses from above. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. A unique and visually stunning act that enhances all kinds of classy event styling, the costumes are all-white with thousands of crystals dripping from the costume and an inbuilt light system that allows the Crystal Stilts to stand out beautifully in low-light event environments.

light-bites Image
Add illumination to your event with this unique light-tray service! Ideal for your pre-dinner or cocktail canapés and finger food. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. Charismatic mix and mingle performers are available in a variety of costumes to serve your guests from their custom built brightly-lit transparent trays.

gatsbys-girls Image

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Welcome to the 1920s Prohibition Era "Speakeasy"! Gatsby's Girls in exquisite 1920s themed costumes really stand out. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. Gatsby’s Girls are professional dancers that can perform a feature Charleston routine on stage and get guests engaged on the dancefloor with some Charleston moves to try as well.

ente Image
Gracefully arising above the ground, the public looks astonished when this black and red, long-legged creature flutters along, seducing and persuading its audience with delight. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. As this majestic creature strides through the crowd using its unusual shaped head to look serenely around all are left in cheer admiration and wonder. ENTE represents the dark side in all of us.

aqua-fantasia Image
Be mesmerised by the sensual elegance that is Aqua Fantasia, bubble contortion on water. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. These aquatic beauties effortlessly glide across the water. Contorting and moving, creating a visually stunning backdrop for your poolside event.

dancing-stilt-girls Image
If you have music playing, these glamorous girls will dance around with guests adding loads of fun. They are available to meet & greet or rove through stand-up cocktail-style events, or you can lead your guests to dinner in true style! Areas of speciality include Roving Performers.

jack-n-jack Image
Up-end your expectations with Jack n Jack! Goofy mischief-makers, energetic, colourful and out for a good time. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. Always the innocent bystanders (not!) – playing pranks and looking for playmates, Jack n Jack are definitely fun-filled and dynamic.

rio-carnivale Image
The Rio Carnivale stilt dancers strut their stuff as they parade around in very high-heeled dancing shoes! Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. With extravagant feather head-dresses, dazzling smiles and elaborate costumes, Rio Carnivale is sure to make a lasting impression on your guests as this duo of beauties mixes and mingles. Live the high life in glitz and glam, sequins and sparkles with Rio Carnivale!

swimsync Image

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Swimsync is a brand new, unique and breathtaking show. Our gorgeous synchro girls are all members of the Australian Olympic Synchronised Swimming team, back from the London Olympic campaign. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. Swimsync fuses these stunning synchronised swimmers with beautiful bubble contortionists. Together they create a unique, sophisticated and breathtaking show for your poolside events!