Event Managers Secrets for Choosing the Right MC

Event Manager’s Secrets for Choosing the Right MC [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’re just starting out in corporate event management and you’d like to learn more about booking an MC, you’ve come to the right place.

Download our checklist or read our summary below of event managers’ secrets for success when it comes to finding the best MC.

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1. Clarify goals

Be crystal clear on the event purpose:

  • Why is your organisation holding the event?
  • What are the benefits for the company?
  • Who will be invited to the event?
  • What is the audience demographic: age, income, gender ratio, occupation, industry, interests?
  • How will guests benefit from attending the event?

2. Confirm budget

It’s important to know your total event budget, and how much you have to spend on hiring an event host.

  • What is your overall event budget?
  • What is your budget for MC fees?

3. Check the MC fit

A professional speaker bureau will recommend a short list of MCs suited to your needs. It’s good practice, however, to keep in mind the following about potential candidates:

  • Are they experienced at event hosting as well as performing/entertaining?
  • Do they have the specific skills you need, eg working the crowd for fundraising, or facilitating a speaker panel discussion?
  • Are they a drawcard for the audience?
  • Do the values they represent align with those of the audience?
  • Is their personality/delivery style a good match for the audience?
  • Will they set the right tone for your event – eg upbeat, funny, inspiring, informative, serious?
  • Do they fit within your budget?
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4. Brief your speaker bureau

Provide your speaker bureau with specific event details, so that they can start the process of contacting and briefing talent on your behalf:

  • Event location & date
  • Event objectives
  • Audience demographic
  • What you’d like the MC to do
  • Budget


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